Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Edina Sophomore Bloggers

From Jackie Roehl, Area Leader for Language Arts at Edina High School and author of a GREAT blog on National Urban Alliance Thinking Maps

English 10 is continuing the practice of having each student create a blog. This year English 10 students will use their blogs to write about the various texts that they are reading for pleasure. The English 10 team has entered into a partnership with U of M Professors Richard Beach and Cynthia Lewis who will be assigning nearly 60 graduate students to read and comment on the Edina English 10 student blogs. The English 10 team is also submitting a research grant proposal to David Hyerle, the inventor of Thinking Maps, to analyze the student blog entries to study the impact of Thinking Maps on writing, reading, and relationships.

If American Literature teachers want to have students establish a blog this year, students should still have last year’s English 10 blog online and could simply add entries to that blog. That continued blog could become an informal writing portfolio.

This is an outstanding opportunity for authentic assessment of student writing. The English 10 teachers have set up their own blog here, and you can then link to the individual staff's blogs to see what the students are doing.
I've added a few comments to the student blogs, and I invite you to do the same!
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