Tuesday, December 11, 2007

TIES: Videocasting made easy

Suzanne Tomlinson, an educator from Humbolt Community School presented various methods of creating a vodcast. She pointed out that you can convert PowerPoint files to movies using Windows Movie Maker, Microsoft Producer, Serious Magic, SnapKast (which makes an mp4 and RSS feed)
Other programs convert movies to mp4 such as 3GP Converter, or you can use a site like Zamzar.com.

Snapkast is a one stop option similar to ToolFactory for podcasting.

Tips for converting PowerPoint files to movies:
  • Set font as large as possible
  • Use white space between bulleted text
  • 3 bullets per slide
  • Make graphics as large a possible
  • Keep slides uncluttered
  • Use Web friendly colors
  • Compress picture objects to reduce size, delete cropped objects
  • Use empty square bullets on the lists so presenter can check off items
  • Embed atypical fonts in PowerPoint
  • No movies,sounds, or animations

She then demonstrated using SnapKast, using 4 steps to create the vodcast:
  • Record
  • Format-ipod is 320x240. ipod touch is 480x320
  • Play
  • Podcast

It will place a "Snapkast commercial" on the front end of your movie.
Cost: $55.99 for educators.
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