Tuesday, August 21, 2007

CoP - Session 1

EHS staff - Thursday, August 23

K-9 staff - Monday, August 27

Tentative agenda items (in no particular order - subject to change):
  1. Communities of Practice (ppt)
  2. Expectations of general working norms (handout)
  3. Executive Summary of 2006-2007 technology survey (handout)
  4. Strategic road map (handouts)
    Learning Beyond the Classroom
    Online/Virtual Learning Assessment
    Teacher Use of Technology Initiative
  5. ISTE standards for teachers and students (handout)
  6. Streaming video "Are Kids Different Because of Digital Media"
  7. Communication between inservice days
  8. Thinking about technology PGT and assessment (handout)
  9. Read chapters 1-4 in Blogs, Wikis, and Podcasts
Many resources are on the R: drive > Comm of Pract folder > 21st Century Technology Applications folder
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