Thursday, April 19, 2007

Web 2.0 - I Have Arrived...

Melody has GTT, Barb is retiring, and so I'm ready to hold down the fort. I'm not a big journal type of a guy, but I've been reading Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms by Will Richardson, and I'm ready for the Read/Write web and the Web 2.0 tools available for educators. I thought it's time for me to enter the blogging era and begin reflecting on everything happening in the educational technology realm.

Yesterday, I compiled the results from the Edina Public Schools technology survey, and there were some very thoughtful responses from folks. Here's a comment from a teacher:
Do more to train staff on 21st century technological skills that are redefining the educational experience on students. The technology exists to move towards a more expanded notion of classroom learning. Additionally, interactive hardware/software such as Smartboards would be an excellent technology to integrate into all schools. Students in any generation gravitate towards the technology of the day. As an institution, our school system needs to do everything in its power to keep up with the times and begin teaching kids the responsible use of these technologies. The pedagogical and practical reasons for doing this are manifold. This is the future of education - we need to be sure to be in front of the curve, not behind it.

This teacher is right on the mark. It makes me think about the progress Edina has made over the years, and the direction we need to go.

A parent noted:
Technology is only a tool and can actually interfere with learning. Emphasize sound instruction, which may or may not require technology. Teach students to find, evaluate, synthesize, and use information with technology as a tool for efficiency and access.

Another parent quipped:
Our children are growing up in a completely different world. There is so much information out there that a focus of their education should be to work through the information and be able to critically review the content and the source of the information.

Sounds like Big 6 skills to me.

Barb is wearing all pink today. She looks like a Mary Kay sales rep.

GO WILD! Fight to the end!
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