Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Letter From A "21st Century, BYOD Student"

Recently, one of my colleagues forwarded an e-mail that his daughter wrote to her teachers at the start of the school year. She is a 9th grader, who has participated in our "Go Wireless" Bring Your Own Device Initiative the last two years. 
Dear Teachers ,
My name is Cristiana H, and I'll be in your class this coming year. As a certified bring your own device student, I'm interested in ways to further digitize my learning environment. Currently I use my iPad as a note taking and organizational tool (Notability), as an E agenda and calendar (myHomework), and as an internet research tool. I also use it as a collaborative communication device in between teacher and student and student and student (Email). I'm hoping with your support to continue this practice, and further realize the potential of E learning. I'd be interested in exploring ways to turn in paperless assignments, presentations, and assessments. I'm confident, with your assistances, that I'll be able to realize this goal. Thank you so much,
Cristiana H
Our initiative has had the following goals:
  • Personalize the learning experience for students
  • Extend learning beyond the classroom walls
  • Enhance students 21st Century skills
  • Engage and Inspire student learning
  • Maximize the district's resources of time and talent
Cristiana definitely is personalizing her learning and working towards developing 21st Century skills. She also appears to be engaged and inspired when using her own device, and is looking to maximize the district's resources. Not only that, but she is a pretty good advocate for herself and her learning! I hope along with digitizing her learning environment, that she will explore ways to create products that demonstrate her learning. Here are a few tools that might accomplish this:

As we move into our third year of BYOD at the Middle Level, we are exploring ways to provide ALL students the opportunity to have a learning experience similar to Cristiana's AND prepare our teachers for students like Cristiana! Stay tuned!!


Cristiana H said...

This is so cool!

Michael Walker said...

Cristiana, I'm glad you liked it. I didn't have that graphic created when you went through the BYOD training, but you can access it and other resources now, here. I would love feedback on it, and suggestions from you on how we can make the BYOD experience a better one for you and your classmates!