Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The TEDx Project

Earlier this year, I blogged about The Alice Project, an amazing authentic learning opportunity developed by Texas Educator, Christian Long. Long has developed a new student project, based on TED talks, titled The TEDx Project. This new project, which kicks off April 5, has his students individually analyze 1 TED Talk per week (Students sign up, so ultimately all 600+ TED talks will be analyzed!), publicly defend one of the talks, and create a 5-10 minute talk of their own on something they are passionate about using the theme, “What Matters (to You)?” The students will present their talks "in Ignite or Pecha Kucha style — 20 slides of 15 to 20 seconds each." They will then upload their videos to Youtube and embed them on his blog. Long states, "students will prepare with a ‘global’ audience in mind from day one. "
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